Covast 2006 SYNTAX schema issues

Some time ago, with a client using BizTalk 2006 and Covast Accelerator 2006, we suddenly had the following issue popping up in their event log:

There was a failure executing the send pipeline: “Covast.BizTalk.Pipeline.EDI.CovastEDISendPipeline, Covast.BizTalk.Pipeline.EDI.Default, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=68bef120a46b49ad” Source: “Covast EDI Assembler” Send Port: “sp_MySendPort” URI: “D:\BTS2006\DumpLocation\%MessageID%.edi” Reason: Message translation failed: (2217) Unknown error (-2217)

The source of the problem was Covast.
Somehow, it was no longer able to perform valid assembling and disassembling (both were failing).

After a lot of digging and research I finally came to the “Covast EDI Accelerator 2006 Reports” screens, hidden deep within the BizTalk Administration Console HAT 🙂

When you double click the interchange which was in error, you saw the following error:

The format of the document has not been configured

Finally, this led me to the source of the problem.

Someone at the client fiddled around with one particular ASC file trying to add some extra segments to the schema to accompany a change in one of their flows. No harm done, but unfortunately when re-generating the XSD, he also regenerated the SYNTAX schema and deployed.

The result was that there were now 2 SYNTAX schemas deployed within BizTalk and Covast doesn’t know how to handle that.
Reverting back to the old version of the flow fixed the error and after that we just removed the SYNTAX schema from the project, rebuilt and deployed and now it worked.

Reason for posting this is that at the time, neither search engine could come up with a decent answer, so hopefully someone benefits from this post.

Let us know in any case!

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