Corrupt BizTalk orchestrations

Every now and then, when dealing with BizTalk orchestrations, you might encounter issues you can’t explain. Things like the following, infamous error, may occur without any valid reason:

#error: Errors exist for one or more children

Even after fixing every error, you rebuild the project and/or solution, and the error is still not fixed…

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BizTalk orchestration keeps opening in Visual Studio text editor

You may know the issue when opening a BizTalk orchestration and it opens like this:

Note: I blurred the code to protect the name of my client.

Not much you can do about it, except right-clicking the orchestration and clicking ‘Open With…’ and choosing the BizTalk Orchestration Designer.


However, if you close the BizTalk Orchestration Designer again, and double-click the odx file, it once again opens in the first, yet useless, view.

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