What you need to know about the BizTalk WCF-SQL adapter


As a BizTalk consultant, it is always important to know the product and its features inside out. Knowing the cards you have to play with when designing a solution, gives you an advantage as you know what you can expect in certain situations.

The WCF-SQL adapter is certainly one of the better known adapters out there, so why decide to write yet another piece on it? There are already plenty of blog posts out there, yet I often find myself double-checking certain behaviors and I wanted to write something so I could refer to it at a later stage and help some people out less experienced.

I know there already is an excellent article up on TechNet around this topic, called Typed Polling with WCF-SQL Adapter: Best Practices and Troubleshooting Tips, but the article here will try to add some extra to that.

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Enable BizTalk BAM Add-in in Excel 2016

Recently I had a project where I needed to use the Microsoft Office Excel BAM add-in. At Codit Belgium, where I work, we have an Office 365 subscription.

I followed the guide Enabling BAM Add-In for Excel 2016, by Sandro Perreira, but was unable to find the BAM Add-in within my Excel installation.

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