Crazy BizTalk is dead, long live Crazy BizTalk

A couple of months ago Glenn Colpaert & myself, both colleagues at Codit, announced that we both were “the brains” behind the CrazyBizTalk Twitter account.

Since then we’ve been receiving very positive feedback and lots of people have asked us to continue. Although it is tempting to continue with the account, we feel people may become biased by what we think is funny.

However, we also felt that Crazy BizTalk was more than us sending some funny tweets. The account should be opened to a broader public, this to allow people to make fun of their favorite integration topics in an anonymous, but verified and non-toxic way.

I am Crazy BizTalk

During the last couple of months, we did some brainstorming on how we could open up Crazy BizTalk for everyone.

We came to some conclusions and decided to create a Logic App with an approval flow behind it that allows people to submit their own ideas, texts and images.

To make sure not everything gets published automatically we’ve added some review stages to it.

BE Crazy BizTalk

So you’re probably wondering right now on how to submit your favorite Integration/BizTalk meme to us, well it’s very simple;

Drop us an email at iam.crazy.msbts[@] and make sure it complies to following ‘rules’

  • Maximum 1 image attached (this image will be used in the tweet)
  • Make sure that the body is NOT HTML formatted, just make it plain text
  • Add a maximum of 120 characters to your email body, this text will be used at the tweet text. We’ll make sure to add the #crazybiztalktweets hashtag!

Once you dropped the email, we’ll review it and get it published under the @CrazyBizTalk account. 100% anonymity guaranteed!

Remember this approval will be an asynchronous process, so don’t expect to see your tweet within the milliseconds. Publishing will depend on approval + people in the publishing line before you.

We hope that you will enjoy Crazy BizTalking as much as we did!


Glenn & Pieter

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