Creating a shortcut in Word to resize a selected image

Today I was documenting the installation of a new BizTalk environment. The document is an overview from A to Z, which describes how to install and configure this particular BizTalk environment. Typically, as one might expect, this type of documentation contains a lot of screenshots/images.

My method was the following:

  • Create a screenshot using Lightshot. It’s a great (and FREE) application which can take screenshots of anything open on your screen, with the added benefit to save to a file immediately, upload to to Imgur, make notes on it, etc…
  • Copy the screenshot to the clipboard
  • Paste it into Word (2016)
  • Right-click the image and select “Size and Position
  • Reset the image to 50% of it’s height, while having the aspect ration locked
  • Clicking OK

Obviously, it involves quite a lot of clicks and is pretty time consuming and pretty tedious… considering the fact I have about 50-100 images to put into the document, I wanted it to become better. The client I was sitting next to, insisted there was a way with Word macros, but didn’t know quite how to do it.

Creating the Macro

10 minutes of Googling and some trial and error, and low-and-behold, this is the button which is now up on my Home toolbar:


As with many things, it’s actually quite easy to get it for yourself:

  1. Enable the Developer toolbar in Word. Right click any button or space in your toolbar and click “Customize the Ribbon“.
  2. Check the checkbox for the Developer Tab and click OK.
  3. Click the Developer toolbar and click “Macros”
  4. Type the name (e.g. “ResizePictureto50Percent”) and click the “Create” Button.
  5. You should now get the following screen:
  6. Copy/Paste the macro (you can find the code below this list), as below, and close the screen:
  7. Again, customize the toolbar by right clicking any space or button in the toolbar and select “Customize the Ribbon“. Select Macros and insert your new macro as a button into the place you want it to have:

You now have a fully functional button (which you can customize to your liking)!

The macro code you need:

Sub ResizePictureto50Percent()

With Selection
 If .InlineShapes.Count > 0 Then
 With .InlineShapes(1)
 .Height = .Height / 2
 End With
 Exit Sub
 With .ShapeRange
 .Height = .Height / 2
 End With
 End If
End With

End Sub

Testing the Macro

Now, when I copy/paste an image or screenshot in Word, I have the following screen:


After I select the image (just click it once), click the button, I now get the following:


It even continues to shrink when I keep clicking it, as it will reduce to half its size every time I do this.

Great stuff and saves me a lot of clicks!